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Friday, 18 March 2011

019 Miss Suspenders

Available in black and brown

Waist: 68-74cm
 Hip: 100-110cm
 Length: 93cm

RM 39


  1. hai..
    seluar nie sumtin like harem pant yaa..?

  2. hello dear,
    more like skinny pants. tighter at the bottom :D
    thanks for visiting!

  3. erm i want to order this.
    but i tried you email and handphone and my order is unable to reach you...
    just to let you know, i would like to order this... :)

  4. hello hooi! my apologies, i am afraid i havent received any email from you! :( thank you for being so patient though.

    please email us again at so that we can process your order :D alternatively, you can leave me your email address here so that i can contact you instead?

    hope to hear from you soon!

  5. yeap, i email you already...